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Treasure House Botanicals Review

Kratom has provided many lifetime benefits to the users that allow them to perform daily activities. That is why kratom has become very popular in this community. With the increasing success and technology, people are moving towards fraud attitude and selling low standard products which trouble a customer and put them in suspect to trust any vendor.

Some of the reputed industries exactly work on their sayings and offer authentic products. Today we will inform you about a vendor named Treasure House Botanicals which is an industry that is very particular in their efficient product harvesting and quality that is required for a human healthy lifestyle. Their wide product range leaves a positive impact on kratom users.

The one best feature of this vendor is the batch number which is allocated to each product at the bottom which shows the current specification of the product. This number indicates the time and the harvesting of the particular strain.

Customers can easily track and get updated on their most favorite strains to be ensured that they are getting the same quality as before.

Their products are produced in the blended form of capsules and powders.

What about the Coupon Codes at Treasure House Botanicals?

Treasure House Botanicals are standard kratom distributors and also provide coupon codes at their products. This is for the purpose of attracting customers and maintaining a healthy relationship with them. They don’t give coupon codes to the customers but only provide discounts on their products.

Coupon codes basically codes which are given to the customers to enter at the time of checkout. While discounts reduce the actual price of the product to some percents.

  • White and Green Maeng Da are offered at discounted prices such as 250 grams of powder is sold for $15.71 to $16.7.
  • The discount is also provided on White Maeng da and Green Maeng Da powder whose price ranges between $50 to $54 for 1-kilo pack.

What is the cost of Treasure House Botanical Products?

After looking at the importance of the Treasure House Botanical products, their prices are observed and compared which concludes that their prices are not out of budget.
  • People can purchase 150 capsules in multiple strains for $21.95.
  • 250 grams of kratom powder for batch#29 is sold for $20.71.
  • For batch #30, the 250 grams of kratom powder is available for $20.71.
  • 100 grams of kratom powder for batch #29 and 30 are sold at $11.95.

Does this vendor sell laboratory tested products?

 Right now, there is no information collected on them selling laboratory tested products or not but one thing is clear that their offered products are 100% authentic and pure and though can be consumed without any worries about health. Amy be in the upcoming years, they will fill this space and we will update you.

Payment Options

People can select and pay for their products using some of the methods as Debit/Credit cards which is operable through an email invoice. Or it can also be paid through E-Check or pay through cryptocurrency.