External Hard Drives – And How Do they Stack Up Against Cloud Storage?

Regardless of how big the internal space of your PC is, there’ll come a time when you’ll want to store some of your files externally. It could be because you want to minimize the risk of losing everything you’ve stored on the computer. So you create some sort of backup by storing the files on an external hard drive as part of your backup solution.

An external hard drive is also an affordable option for hosting some of your files on the go. Whether you’re using a traditional hard drive or a new-fangled solid state drive (SSD) or (https://latestcomputergadgets.com/best-external-hard-drives-for-mac-users/), you don’t necessarily need to be carrying your PC around every time you feel like you’ll be using a stored file.

Cloud Vs  External Hard Drive

Another option to back up your files would be to store them on the cloud. A good number of people rely on Onedrive, Google Drive, DropBox, and other similar sites to store their files. But one limitation they’re likely to incur is that they’ll always need an internet connection to retrieve the files every time they need to use them. Meaning, it’s painful for them to synchronize their files when their internet connection is acting up.

An external hard drive, on the other hand, is designed to facilitate a quick and less painful transfer of the files on your PC. And unless the hard drive fails, the process you use to transfer the files is streamlined with minimal possibility of failure.

Worth mentioning is the cost to be incurred and the amount of space you’re entitled to. With an external hard drive, the only cost you’ll be incurring is the initial cost of buying the hard drive. Cloud storage, on the other hand, will require you to shell out a specific amount of storage charges every month so you can continue to enjoy the service. Which is to stay the cost of storing your files on the cloud could prove to be super-expensive over the long haul as opposed to simply using an external hard drive.

The Amount of Storage Space

As far as external hard drives go, you’re NOT limited as to the amount of storage space you can purchase. This is because you’re at liberty to purchase as many hard drives as possible depending on the size of your files.

Whether you’re storing movies, documents, or music, an external hard drive allows you to store any amount of files.

Qualities of a Reliable External Hard Drive


The price of hard drives tends to vary depending on speed, among other things. Speaking of which, cheaper hard drives have a speed of 5200 rpm, while the powerful ones have a speed of 7200 rpm.


You also have the option to choose between a number of hard drives – from a basic one with no added feature to an advanced one that goes at length to also offer security measure for protecting your files from leaking out.


Hard drives are fragile. An easy tumble or outside interference could leave you with a dud of an external hard drive. However, if you settle for a quality one, more so those sporting a durable built, then there’s a fair chance they could withstand some major tumbles with no risk of failing.

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