OPMS Kratom Wholesaler Vendor Review

Optimized Plant Medicated Solution is a kratom vendor that started his career in 2010 and became famous for their kratom products strength and their role in providing these products. The one prominent fact is their extraction process which is cold process extraction. This vendor produces natural products and without the interference of any modification and extra processing.

This vendor takes care of the alkaloid content and preserves each constituent of kratom. These alkaloids are saved with the extraction process which is natural. These extraction processes make their product more effective and rare in its features.


They equally focus on the packaging of the product and don’t sell loose or low-quality packaging. Their capsules and liquids are the main products of the website. Their products are so much famous that some of the fake vendors use their names for selling their duplicate products with their logo as well to make people fool.

Their Gold OPMS Kratom capsule is the favorite product of people in different varieties as 2, 3, and 5 counts.

Their designs are their specialty which they create for each product. Their liquid kratom is designed in a different shape that resembles with hourglass and innovative idea to be distinctive from others.

OPMS has a logo that is distinctive from a strategical point of view which is three leaves and OPMS written on it.


OPMS products are purely authentic and natural and due to its demand in public mostly fake vendors are imitating their products. Their products are packed innovatively that no one can catch.


There most prominent products are:

  • OPMS Kratom Gold
  • OPMS Kratom Silver
  • OPMS Kratom Liquid
  1. OPMS Kratom Gold

This product has a huge demand in the market that’s why this product goes out of stock mostly. OPMS Kratom capsules are the peak of all kratom varieties.

The extraction process used in making OPMS Kratom Gold capsules is more than any other process. From 2014, these capsules are provided in 2, 3, and 5 count packaging. They have changed the packaging in Gold colour and this is the authentic product packaging.

  • OPMS Kratom Silver

This is also a top-seller product more visible in the United States. It has a long chain of sale and also old kratom product. OPMS provide the best silver leaf kratom powder in the kratom industry.

This company check the quality of kratom and also test each and every alkaloid or chemical content in kratom, to maintain the alkaloids without wasting. They have the highest standards in the market while others don’t maintain their values and standards.

OPMS Silver Kratom is always tested before supplying to users to remove even a single unwanted particle or object.

  • OPMS Liquid Kratom

OPMS Liquid Kratom is the most desirable kratom product. Its quantity is 8ml packed in a bottle and one box contains 45 bottles. OPMS Liquid kratom is also produced with the same high processes and cold extraction process. These OPMS kratom products are not for people under 18 and are strictly prohibited.

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